Sami (Masazumi Aso)

SAMI (Masazumi Aso) was started playing piano when he was five years old. His extraordinary music talent was acknowledged by Ms Aiko Iguchi who was teacher at "Music school for children" which was the origin of To-Ho music collage, where upon and began intensive piano lesson to become a professional pianist. However, considering the disadvantage with the size of his hands; he started thinking to become a conductor, not a pianist.

When he entered High school and gained experience conducting choirs and ensembles. His interest of conducting was more expanded. He learned piano from Mr. Atsutada Odaka, honorary professor of Tokyo Art University, also his senior of high school. Also, Mr. Junichi Hirogami, conductor was two years of junior in his high school and studied music together.

Due to the difficulty and or luck of opportunity to become a professional musician in Japan and he decided to proceed to get a career as a businessman. He studied English in his university and started working with a subsidiary of major trading company in Japan. After he joined a major manufacturing company for automotive components, he moved to US for manufacturing operation and also composed music band to make a good communication with local employees. Since then, he has had chances to play bands, such as rock, Latin, country, contemporary and jazz as keyboard player. This was a time to start music activities again in his life. In 2002, he founded his own business consultants firm based on his experiences in managing and control organization. Beside of managing his company, he entered University of Texas and started preceding his Master degree of orchestra conducting course. He graduated UT on May of 2004 and accomplished his dream. He conducted high school and collage orchestras in US. He was so impressed the level of music when he conducted Julliard orchestra in NY. His conducting talent was also acknowledged by Dr. Harold Farberman at The conductors institute at Bard college conservatory of music in NY.

On July 18, 2005, his debut album "Feelings" was released to US and worldwide through Aspirion Records Group. One of the song "SAMI's land" was nominated No. 20 of US hit chart. He has been performed his concert and achieved a good reputation. Funs also have been asking him to release his piano solo album for a long time. This is a reason why this album is also special for him. In this album, Sami is playing his piano with his own inspirational ways, not depend on the type or rules of music. It is like an explosion of magma from inside of him, and moving freely his own mind and improvisation music. He is playing purely with a piano, harmoniously, naturally corroborating with natures. It may cause us to feel God presentation. In this album, he is playing most famous songs in the world with his nice arrangement, piano sound and makes us a smile to listen his songs.

At the last, the art work of the top cover was presented by his mother, Ms Sumiko Aso, 91 years old, in Japanese traditional art, titled "The Cliff and the Moon". And the title song "Moon over the Ruined Castle" was requested by Mr. Masakazu Aso, 100 years old. The music/arts are the power and the hope of life.    





安蘇正澄(アソ マサズミ)―SAMI(芸名)は5歳からピアノを習い始め、1988年渡米

後30年余(2018年8月本帰国)、プロの演奏家として、クラッシック、ラテン、カントリー、コンテンポラリーからジャズまでキーボード奏者として、数々のバンドと幅広いジャンルの音楽を共演する機会に恵まれました。このような幅広い演奏経験から、私の音楽は、日本人特有の芸術である“侘び寂び”にあるとの本質に行き着きました。日本の音楽は、戦後欧米音楽の輸入に追われ、欧米音楽を忠実に再現することが理想であるとされました。しかし、現実的には日本人演奏家はどんなに努力しても欧米の音楽感や感受性を持てるはずがありません。音楽とは、その国の言葉のようなものであり、幼少から親しんだ音楽感が脳に刻まれるものです。私は、ジュリアード音楽院(1905年創立 米国ニューヨーク市所在)のオーケストラで、イタリア人指揮者と交替で、イタリアオペラを指揮したときに、感受性の大きな違いを痛切に思い知らされました。イタリア人指揮者がもっている音楽を、私はとても表現できないと知りました。そのとき、日本人には、日本人の生まれ持った感受性と音楽が存在することを理解しました。イタリアオペラに通用するかは全く別問題ですが、私は、あえて開き直って、この日本人の感覚で音楽を表現することを考えました。借りものや真似事でない独自のスタイルで音楽を自由に表現することしかないと悟りました。













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