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SAMI’s Piano Sound Reviving Japanese Beauty “Wabi-Sabi” Art

SAMI (Masazumi Aso)  released his new album “Moon Over the Ruined Castle (Kojo no Tsuki)” to worldwide retail and online stores music CD and downloads on December 20, 2013.  His beautiful piano solo sound creates a Japanese traditional “Wabi-Sabi” art; guiding people to corroborate with the beauty of nature.   

Because  of our advanced science-filled environment, modern technologies and  hectic way of life, we now live in manmade surroundings and farther away  from nature and peace.  We are unconsciously losing the harmony between  nature and the peaceful mind.  When I was young, I loved to go into the  forest and quietly spend time with nature for several peaceful hours.   My “Wabi-Sabi” art was born.  We, the Japanese people, have a strong  desire to keep nature in balance.  “Wabi-Sabi” art not only reflects  physical art but it also reflects the spiritual art inside each person.   This is the very basis of the Japanese concept of art.  The well-known  art of “Zen” is also the basis of this very same concept. 

Back  home in Japan, whenever I would start playing the piano, the birds  would always come to my window and sing alongside the piano.  The plants  would actually grow taller and have more blossoms.  When I would start  to play, I felt this harmony with nature.  My  new album “Moon Over the Ruined Castle (Kojo no Tsuki)” has this art  element within the piano solo because I play with nature’s harmony in  mind and it is truly my original style of art.  As you listen to this  album, you will feel the harmony with the spirit of nature as if you  were in the forest yourself and communicating with nature directly.  The  music will lead you into peace and away from your daily stress; giving  you complete peace with the healing power of nature.  This is my goal that anyone enjoying my album will feel refreshed and recharged in their lives just like nature intended.   The  art work of the top cover was presented by his mother, Ms Sumiko Aso, 91 years old, in Japanese Traditional art, titled “The Cliff and the  Moon”.  And the title song “Moon over the Ruined Castle” was requested  by Mr. Masakazu Aso, 100 years old. Sami's album and songs are available also free music downloads and mp3 music download in world wide,


在米26年、全米各地で演奏活動して来たピアノの詩人SAMI (安蘇正澄)が日本の貴方に贈る癒しの響き!  

SAMIの新しいピアノソロアルバム“荒城の月”は2013年12月20日に世界での店舗及びネットでの販売を開始致しました。既に各地で高い評価を受けております。日本での発売開始は2014年1月1日の予定となっております。このアルバムは、滝廉太郎作の“荒城の月”を始め、日本の方々にも大変親しみ深い“秋の囁き”、“イチゴ白書をもう一度”、“Amazing Grace”や"ライムライト(テリーのテーマ)”等々の曲をSAMI独自の自由で即興的なアレンジの中で、その曲の持っている独特な味わいに独自の解釈と芸術性を加えたものとなっていまず。その芸術性は日本独自の“侘び寂び”の美にも共通し、その響きには自然との調和と美しさと平安があり、芸術が持っている本来の癒しがそこに存在しています。  表紙の絵は「崖と月」という題で、SAMIの母である細川流盆石 玄位大総石督 安蘇秋月(澄子)現在91歳の最高傑作をSAMIの為に表紙画として使っています。このアルバムのタイトル曲「荒城の月」をリクエストしたのは現在100歳のSAMIの父(正和)です。