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SAMI's Album "Moon over the Ruined Castle" is Available in the Online Stores Worldwide

SAMI’s (Masazumi Aso) new piano solo album “Moon Over the Ruined Castle” was released through New Sound Productions to retail and worldwide online stores on December 20, 2013.  The performance was recorded in Tokyo, Japan during his visit.  

The art work of the top cover was presented by his mother, Ms Sumiko Aso, 88 year old, in Japanese Traditional art, titled “The Cliff and the Moon”. And the title song “Moon over the Ruined Castle” was requested by Mr. Masakazu Aso, 97 years old.

在米26年、全米各地で演奏活動して来たピアノの詩人SAMI (安蘇正澄)が日本の貴方に贈る癒しの響き!

SAMIの新しいピアノソロアルバム“荒城の月”は2013年12月20日に世界での店舗及びネットでの販売を開始致しました。既に各地で高い評価を受けております。日本での発売開始は2014年1月1日の予定となっております。このアルバムは、滝廉太郎作の“荒城の月”を始め、日本の方々にも大変親しみ深い“秋の囁き”、“イチゴ白書をもう一度”、“Amazing Grace”"ライムライト(テリーのテーマ)”等々の曲をSAMI独自の自由で即興的なアレンジの中で、その曲の持っている独特な味わいに独自の解釈と芸術性を加えたものとなっています。その芸術性は日本独自の“侘び寂び”の美にも共通し、その響きには自然との調和と美しさと平安があり、芸術が持っている本来の癒しがそこに存在しています。

表紙の絵は「崖と月」という題で、SAMIの母である細川流盆石 玄位大総石督 安蘇秋月(澄子)現在88歳の最高傑作をSAMIの為に表紙画として使っています。このアルバムのタイトル曲「荒城の月」をリクエストしたのは現在97歳のSAMIの父(正和)です。

  1. Moon over the Ruined Castle : Rentarou Taki (4:32)
  2. Feelings : Morris Albert & Louis Gaste (3:58)
  3. A Comme Amour : Paul De Senneville, Olivier Toussaint (3:31)
  4. Ichigohakushoo Mooichido (Strawberry Letter) : Yumi Arai (4:30)
  5. Amazing Grace : John Newton (3:41)
  6. Limelight (Terry’s Theme) : Charlie Chaplin (3:00)
  7. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg : Michel Legrand (3:54)
  8. Somewhere over the Rainbow : H. Arlen (2:37)
  9. My Way : Jacques Revaux & Claude Francois (3:19)

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SAMI Moon over the Ruined Castle



SAMI's Album "Feelings" is Available in the Online Stores Worldwide


His debut CD "Feelings" is including 3 original and 9 arranged pieces based on world most famous and favorite songs. The three original pieces are composed by Mr. George Arriola. “C’mon Play Along” is using George’s original rock style with high tempo rhythm to invite audience to participate in to the music. “SAMI’s Land” is started with Reggie type theme and added Latin style to spice music with Latin passion. “Learning to Fly Again” was composed based on his desire for expiring freedom in his life. Everybody has some difficulties in their life and cannot feel the complete freedom in the life. This is the reason why some people are seeking their freedom to God. This music is described such human’s desire and try to open the door for freedom.

SAMI’s piano music has very emotional and spiritual sense. When he starts to play piano, the piano also is begun to be alive. SAMI and piano will be a united like a same body. Even his sound will tell audience what is his feeling. In this CD, he expresses feelings through his music for each original music has. The arrangements for other 9 songs were based on SAMI’s piano, and were added other orchestra instruments to put more color and flavor of the total sound to enhance his expression. SAMI really likes that “oboe sound” he includes Oboe sound to their arrangements. They both really enjoyed working together and playing their parts in each song. SAMI’s debut CD “Feelings” has a Classical taste yet mixed with a modern contemporary sound.

SAMI's Music Samples
  1. C'mon Play Along by George Arriola ©2005
  2. Autumn Leaves by Jemmy Fortune & John Rimel ©2005
  3. SAMI's Land by George Arriola ©2005
  4. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg by Michel Legrand ©2005
  5. Queen of Sheba by G.F. Handel ARR., P. Morisor, G, Broadbent & M. Sutherland ©2005
  6. Somos Novios (Impossible) by Armando Manzanero ©2005
  7. Feelings by Morris Albert & Luis Gaste ©2005
  8. Learning To Fly Again by George Arriola ©2003
  9. My Way by Jacques Revaux, Claude Francois & Gilles Thibaut ©2005 
  10. Ichigo hakusyoo Mouichido (Strawberry Letter) by Yumi Arai ©2005
  11. Y Volvere by Alain Barriere ©2005
  12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by H. Arlen ©2005
All songs used by permission, unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


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